The Natsu Shorties

To my daughter’s delight, we had the pleasure of sewing up the Natsu Shorties by Sew Chibi Designs to celebrate their release in the Project Run and Play pattern shop! During this celebration all new patterns will be on sale! Make sure to snag them quickly because the 20% off discount is only good through October 14th.

Now that we’ve got that info squared away, let’s take a look at the Natsu Shorties!

untitled (2 of 11)

I love how these came together so quickly and easily, but in true Sew Chibi fashion there’s a bit of fun injected in each step. To start off with, the pattern features layers which allows you to print only the size(s) you need. Many designers use circles or triangles to help you line up your pages, but Sew Chibi used her own personal touch to make taping or gluing the pattern together more interesting. (If you have a Sew Chibi pattern already let me know if you’ve seen what I’m talking about!)

After and easy assembly, I began laying out fabrics and prepping my pieces. I love that the pattern encourages creativity and color blocking each of the separate pieces to create a truly unique look. It may or may not have taken my daughter and I longer to figure out what fabrics to use where, than it did to assemble the shorties as a whole.

I used an Elli panel from Aurora Design Fabrics along with some of their heathered French Terry and pink DBP for the waistband and leg cuffs. I love being able to use panels for the leg pieces, as well as scrap busting a bit from my stash.

I did make a change to the pattern when it came to the drawstring. Instead of adding buttonholes as suggested, I opted to add in some grommets since I had a few laying around from my last grommet project… (you read about that project here.)

untitled (11 of 11)Overall the fit is great, the pattern was quick and easy to put together, and the length is one of my favorite features. It can be harder to find shorts patterns for girls in particular that align with our preferred length.

My daughter finds them super comfortable and can both lounge around the house or jump around and play with no problems or complaints. I can easily see making these for any of my kids, for easy summer time looks, or fun comfortable lounging wear.

untitled (5 of 11)

I hope you enjoyed our take on the Natsu Shorties by Sew Chibi Designs. Be sure to check them out and the other new patterns releasing this week over at the Project Run and Play pattern shop.

Comment below for your chance to win a free copy of the Natsu Shorties! Winner to be picked 9/15.

Until next time, happy crafting!




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4 thoughts on “The Natsu Shorties”

  1. Love these! What a brilliant use of a panel! Also, I love the length of these. All of the shorts I’ve received for my girls are shorty shorts and I’m not a fan. These are perfect. Thanks for sharing!


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