Project Run & Play Mini Season 2 – Stash Buster

It’s the first week of Project Run & Play’s second Mini Season! I was invited to participate in the first week with the theme Stash Bash, meaning I had to look to my already owned fabrics to create a look. Plus I was given access to the Project Lounge Library Collection to help me create my look. After referencing my stash and looking at the awesome patterns in the collection I found some great pairings that formed the base of my look for my oldest.

I wanted to shoot for an outfit that would suit his love of exploring so it not only had to be comfortable to wear, but also functional in our fluctuating winter weathers. I choose a long sleeve shirt from the Nini Noni Nightwear pattern. I sized up as this pattern is typically meant to be tighter fitting due to its intended fit as sleepwear. Because we’d be using it for an everyday wear piece I compared my son’s measurements to the finished measurements to choose the size I needed for my desired fit.

Unfortunately, because I wasn’t able to purchase the required amount of fabric needed I was left short for the long sleeves with the fabric I did have on hand. This meant that I did a little creative cutting and stripe matching to add extending pieces to the sleeved to get the required length. Having the built in color-blocking for the top also helped me conserve fabric and add a design element to an otherwise basic striped shirt.

The next step in creating his outfit was to choose a pair of pants for him. Knowing his love of movement and comfort I went with a pair of Joseph Joggers. I came across a generous cut of black French Terry from Amelia Lane Designs. (I may have a few different cuts of ALD FT in my stash too…) Now black joggers are a great wardrobe staple for anyone, but since we were looking for something custom I decided to try my hand a bleach treatment to give the joggers a little more personality and uniqueness.

Before cutting out the pattern, I spread the fabric out on our grass and grabbed a spray bottle full of bleach. Not knowing how the fabric would take the bleach I did a small test in the corner to see how it reacted. Once I saw the color change happen I went to town! A quick trip through the washer and dryer left me with a cool effect, but as I’d seen in other blogs about bleaching black fabrics, I had a rusty hue. To try and tone down the reddish color I grabbed a handy bottle of Rit Dye More in frost grey. Adding the grey helped tone the bleached areas to perfectly coordinate with the other fabrics chosen for this project!

Now I was ready to cut out and make him an unique pair of joggers. Adding a functional drawstring meant he had control over the waistband to make sure they fit exactly how he wanted to keep him comfortable.

The next item I wanted to create for him was a layering piece. I found some great green fabric leftover from some pants I made my husband for a Halloween costume (he made a pretty good Cousin Eddie that year 🙂 ). I then used the Hawthorne Jacket from Pier Avenue Patterns as my base because I just love all the pockets it has! I love a good welt and zipppered pocket, and the Hawthorne has both! (Check out their blog on how to convert the Hawthorne into a vest >>here<<)

I modified the back yoke so I could add a little personal touch by stitching a mountain-scape silhouette. We have very much enjoyed our time here in Colorado and the mountains on the horizon will always be a favorite.

My projector is such a wonderful and helpful tool for my sewing and I was able to use it to help me draw out the stitching lines. I highly recommend one if it’s an option for you.

Lastly, I found a piece of black leather in my stash and knew it had to be the front of a Colorado Cap. I will admit I love making hats and will jump at the chance to make one, but in this case it just made sense. With the intense sunshine in Colorado due to our elevation hats have an important function other than just making you look good.

I added a detail of an embroidered “Colorado” to the front of the cap using black on black to not detract from the texture of the worn leather look. This state will always have a special place in our family’s heart because of the people, landscape, and the community we’ve been blessed to be a part of here. Full disclosure: I had every intention of stealing this hat for myself after this shoot was over, but I think I may be making another for myself as this one has been claimed!

Overall, both my son and I are incredibly happy with the overall look, feel, and performance of each piece of his look. To say the least, I am a little bit jealous of him. This was such a fun project and a wonderful bonding experience for the two of us. He kept commenting on how he loved the pieces and even said it was his favorite outfit I’d ever made him. Seeing his pride and excitement to be sporting some mom-made clothes was the ultimate compliment for me. Also, we were able to explore a family favorite location in the winter, whereas we normally only visit in the summer. So much running, climbing, exploring, and smiling happened during this shoot and I’m grateful that my participating in this mini season gave us that a reason to create these memories.

I hope you enjoyed taking a more in-depth look at the pieces. If you liked what you saw, please take a moment to vote over at Project Run and Play (voting closes the evening of 1/14/21).

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, happy crafting!

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